5 top tips for presenting your business to attract more customers

written by Sarah Colgate

Business Tips for 2024 | Helpful tips for tourism operators

January 17, 2023

Many of the points in this blog will be obvious to you especially if you are experienced in business. However there may be a few points you have never considered.

Considerations for your business location

Location is determined by many factors that all need careful consideration. To start with, ask yourself some key questions about the business
What is your end goal for the business location? 
What is the purpose of location?
How many people a day or hour will potentially visit your business?
How do people access your location? 
How long will they be in the business location?

Then there is the aesthetics of the locations, store or office;

  • How do you want your business to look and feel for customers and staff?
  • The style of the fit-out required to most suitably support your product range.  
  • The store/ business concept, theme or feature.
  • Space available to you and to ensure your customers comfort
  • Enough room to deliver personalised service.  

When searching for your location;

  1. Know what your budget per square metre. 
  2. How much frontage do you need?
  3. How accessible is the site for your target demographic e.g parking, public transport, pedestrian access.
  4. Do you need or require ramps and access for wheelchairs etc?
  5. Is there supporting style businesses nearby, who have good traffic flow.
  6. What is it about the location that appeals to your customer and does it feel safe?
  7. Can you open any hours or will you be controlled by the terms of the lease.
  8. Does your budget / product mark-up percentage, allow for the additional wages, extra trading hours required.
  9. Are the surrounding premises kept in good condition which lifts the whole area. 
  10. Are signs or lightboxes permitted?
  11. Is there space for good signage that will be easily visible to all passing the location.
Marketing your business

Signage  – Marketing your business and getting traffic in the physical sense.

Signage generally supports the style of fit out you have chosen for your store/business.  It needs to work hand in glove with every aspect of your business, the design and presentation.  

It is the consistency of signage that builds your brand recognition, be it the business logo, the colours and font you choose. It is  present on the stores packaging/ carry bags, business cards, on-line presentation, the external signs on awnings or windows. It is the story you are telling the world about your business. 

The signage is critical, keep it simple, clear and remember less is more.

Whatever you do, don’t allow a handwritten black marker sign to appear in your upmarket shoe store. The cheapness will immediately bring the store presentation down to a place you don’t want to be, take the time to get professional signs printed even if it’s for a “Back in 5 minutes” sign.

Set Up Your Business Easy

Keep it simple and make the set up of your business easy

Determine what is most important to you for your business location. Businesses are hard work and every aspect requires work to keep it going and looking great. In order to keep up with your clients expectations, manage your time and keep the business open and looking amazing you will need something manageable. 

Don’t create extra work for yourself. You don’t need that glass wall in the cafe that every person will lean on or put their hands on and your staff have to clean every day. The white marble counter tops that show every mark and scratch are also not needed. Design your store/ business / office location to be easily maintainable amidst the onerous amount of work you have already to keep the business running.

Be determined to keep the presentation of the business up to the original concept you designed and invested in when you started. 

Simple Don’ts

  • Don’t allow overflowing stock supply to encroach on the shop/office floor
  • Don’t overload the displays by stuffing every product on the display shelf, 
  • If you don’t have enough room, choose weekly themes for the display. 
  • Don’t over do the signage. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the location and especially the signs and the windows. 
  • Don’t store items in customer areas.
  • Don’t clutter pathways and entry ways.

Shine your light  – Lighting

  • Lighting needs to be used to enhance the natural light that is available in your store, office or business location to highlight featured display space. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient lighting over the work areas and especially around the mirrors if clients need to be able to truly see the product they are wishing to buy.
  • Carefully choose lighting to enhance the store fit out 
  • Also check how economical the lights are to run 
  • Do you need lights on at night – switch them separately. 
  • Get easy to clean and easy to maintain lighting.
Shine your light - Lighting

Cleanliness – a reflection of you and the quality you are providing your customers.

Cleanliness is the most important factor in the physical presentation of your business.

Develop daily routines that will ensure the cleaning of all areas of the business premises is completed each week.  

If you have kept your fit out to the simplest form, cleaning is much easier.

The outdoor signage needs the cobwebs brushed off, the footpath swept, the front door cleaned, remember these are the first things your clients will see when they approach your business, first impressions are not to be underestimated. 

Fancy bits and pieces may look good to begin with, however that really fancy picture frame that takes so much time to clean will end up being an eyesore.  

Make sure the glass windows and doors are cleaned everyday, vacuum in the corners always!

Have a routine when serving the customers to keep the floor space tidy and extra stock off the floor.

The business needs to be pristine 95% of the time, if you have had a busy day, create staff routines to tidy as they go, saving a huge clean up at the end of the day. 

Cleanliness is also about working safely, a tidy clean work space keeps physical work hazards to a minimum.

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