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I help business owners build businesses they love being in.

One of the most impactful ways to help a business owner is to work with them on a weekly basis through a coaching/mentor program. 

Across my career I have had formal and informal mentors who have helped me with my work and employed positions. However the most impactful coaches/mentors I have ever had, have been business coaches. People who are experienced in business, who have fresh eyes to your business and a raft of experience to call upon in order to assist you. 

One thing I know for sure is, if you are in business you need to talk to someone who has been in business. Don’t talk to someone who has never had staff, never had a commercial premise, never had a business except for their coaching business. You need someone with real life experience, someone who gets it and is willing to listen, not just tell you what to do.

Peter Rowe is a business coach and during COVID he stepped up and worked with me. What I loved about working with Peter is he has had businesses of his own. 10 or 12 different businesses across decades of his life. He knew what it felt like, he knew what I was going through and he provided support, wisdom and listened to what I had to say.

My mentor Peter Rowe

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and help determine if you need a business coach / mentor.

Do you need;

– someone to talk to about your job, career or business?

– help with identifying your purpose, setting goals and working towards them?

– someone to take a look at your business and give you some ideas on how it can be more profitable?  

– help with building a business plan or strategy for future success?  

– help with building your confidence or improving your mindset?

– marketing ideas and suggestions on how to get more customers?

– someone to talk to about your business that is independent but understands how businesses work?

– to improve your work life balance but don’t know how?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions then I have great news. I can help! 

How does it work? What is the coaching process?

I will work with you each week. We will meet face to face and kick off with a 2 hour set up meeting followed by 1 hour zoom calls, face to face meetings or phone calls each week. 

Step 1 – We identify your struggles and the obstacles holding you back either physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Step 2 – We work together to identify what you want to achieve.

Step 3 – We put together a”How to guide” to working through, around or over your challenges and obstacles so you can live a better life.   

Step 4 – You use those tools everyday to make you life more enjoyable and your business more successful and we realign each week and look at what has come up and what action needs to be taken. 

Some of the areas we will be focusing on;

Services & Solutions

Look at how you are thinking and your current mindset. Create new ways of thinking in order to open you up to a better life and better business experience.

Marketing Solutions

Identify and document your goals and dreams. Look at what you love doing and how you can do more of it.

Tourism Solutions

I will help you each week prioritise, time manage and get organised so you have more time to enjoy your life.

Services & Solutions

Challenge the beliefs you have and have inherited, look at what serves you and what doesn't.

Marketing Solutions

Identify who you are, what you love, what you feel about you and what obstacles you are putting in your own way.

What type of mentor/coach am I?

The chances are I have been in the exact situation you currently find yourself in.
I am supportive, I want you to feel good, I want you to achieve your goals and most of all I want you to feel good about yourself and what you do each day.

I am organised, professional and ready to go. I will be there when I say I will, I am here for you each and every step of the way. I have time for you and I am ready to listen to you. 

I am clear, honest and transparent. You can be guaranteed I will be straight with you. Gentle but straight forward and honest. 

I expect you to participate, do the work and respond. This is not about me, it is about you. So if you don’t want to do the work then please don’t call me. 

If you want to achieve your goals, feel good about your life and love what you do then my coaching is for you. 

Call me today to book your first session – phone 0491 729 043 

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