Meeting Veronica

Meeting Veronica

written by Sarah Colgate

Self Awareness

January 5, 2021

In March 2020, things were getting very real with the coronavirus outbreak and I was coming apart at the seams. I felt like I was trapped underwater. 

Business was getting harder and harder to run, our customers had disappeared, I was cutting costs and people’s jobs. It hurt deeply. I had no real ability to process what was going on or how to react. I was sad, I was angry and most of all I was afraid. I needed someone to talk to who wasn’t going to add to my fear or anger. A friend recommended I see a healer called Veronica Farmer. 

The friend that recommended I see Veronica, is Jess. Her sister Carla had been given Veronica’s book for Christmas. Jess grabbed the book and devoured it. When she googled the author she realised Veronica lived right here on the Gold Coast and took clients. I remember Jess going to see Veronica and messaged me immediately, saying I have to tell you about this woman I have just met.

Jess raved about her session with Veronica, about how connected Veronica is, how understanding, loving and positive she is, but also how she understood Jess, her family, her heritage and Jess told me of Veronica’s  desire to help resolve issues in a positive constructive way. Jess walked out of there feeling empowered, enlightened and amazing.

After that rave review I jumped online and booked in to see Veronica. On meeting her I immediately felt calm, safe and protected. She reinforced all the things I knew about myself and my business, reminding me how much we had achieved and how we need to enjoy what we do. Laugh, be cheeky and create great local adventures that bring families together on the Gold Coast.  

Veronica also reminded me of the strength I have, the abilities I have in connecting people and creating great stories and strong businesses. 

I don’t know how I would have described her back then, but I would have said she is an amazing healer that has cured many diseases, saved a lot of lives including her own and she knows how to show you the best sides of yourself. This type of healing stands you up, dusts you off, gives you all the good stuff, cleans up the bad and puts you back on a path that feels amazing. 

Made Beautiful By Scars

A couple of months later, I booked in to see Veronica again. I had been working on a business deal with a friend. This deal was amazing., the future business was going to be amazing. I put a lot of time and effort into this deal and I was so excited.  I was giving a lot with the deal but I knew in the long run it would be an amazing business and it would really help my friend and make money.

However one of my business partners had a negative impact on the deal and then things changed. My friend got scared, no matter what I said or what I did, she seemed to lose all trust in me, then she pulled out of the deal. I was heartbroken, super uncomfortable and totally lost. I didn’t really understand why my friend had pulled out of such an awesome deal that would have made her life and her income very enjoyable. 

So off I went to Veronica to get her take on it and work out a way to overcome the hurt, heartbreak and worthlessness I felt. Also to work out how I was ever gonna look this friend in the eye again. 

When I go to these types of people, I fear all they are going to want to talk about is the deep dark family shit that doesn’t need to see the light of day.  All I really want right now is to be reassured and set off on the right path again with some inspiration, understanding on what has happened and why, enlightenment and to feel good again. 

During this time I had just started doing a bit of media on border closures and the effect on tourism businesses. It felt weird, I didn’t have any media training, I don’t look like someone who in my mind should be on TV  and I needed someone outside my circle of people to help guide me. 

Thank goodness Veronica gave me a massive amount of insights that day that lead to a massive shift in my thinking and how I felt. 

The first one was around my friend who had ditched our business deal. Veronica showed me that I love business, I love building and developing businesses and products. I know how to market them and I know how to make them successful. My friend was possibly overwhelmed by my big plans, she was scared of me or my business partners taking over the business she had created. The people she consulted in her life were not big business people so they were concerned for her well being and not able to see the big picture. 

Also, my friend may not have wanted the responsibility of working extra hours, having someone to report to or be responsible for, she may also not have been comfortable with building such a big business. Veronica helped show me what I was offering although I thought was extremely generous, would have ended up being too big and too much for my friend, hence putting us at odds. So through my conversations with Veronica I was able to let go of this heartbreak and move on. 

The next part of the discussion was around my fear of the media and putting myself on TV. Veronica pointed out a few key points for me to consider;

  • I am open, honest and warm without ego. I don’t want to be famous.
  • I can represent a lot of business owners who don’t have a voice. I love to help people. 
  • By talking to the media I can speak for the industry, it doesn’t need to be about me. 
  • Being genuine and real is the most important part of being a spokesperson. 

Again, this all made sense and Veronica showed me how I could do this and still be me. So I decided to lean in and give it a go. 

On the final note, Veronica and I looked at female leaders around the world and how they are speaking to their people and to the media. In Australia, particularly in Queensland, our leader spewed out fear and danger. There was no reassurance, respect or encouragement for the people. No empathy or love towards the people was shown, it was simply control by fear and negativity.  


Then there were leaders like Jacinta Ardern who encouraged people, sympathised with them, and provided reassurance, warmth and love. She was understanding and appreciative of the sacrifices people were making, she was genuine in her response.  This inspired me to speak from a place of love. 

Yes I was angry that borders were closed too long, yes I was angry that I had to let staff go, that my friends in the tourism industry were hurting, losing money and being treated badly but I needed to try and put that aside to speak up for all of us in a positive way.  It wasn’t easy and so many times I wanted to burst into tears, scream and yell but I managed to keep my cool (mostly) and 15 media interviews down. I feel better about it. Still not comfortable,  my right underarm sweats, my mouth goes dry and I worry about how fat my face is but I also feel like I have been able to speak up for our industry and my friends all thanks to Veronica.  

Today, I would call Veronica a friend who makes me feel amazing, inspires me to help others, brings a cheeky smile, kindness and love to every situation and she heals me. We have come a long way together and even started a business, more on that a little later.  

If you need someone to talk to, share your feelings with and help you get back on track. Book an appointment with Veronica. Best to jump on her website She does in person sessions or on Zoom. I know she will make a difference in your life and help you heal your insecurities, past hurts and deep emotional shit that you don’t need to carry around anymore. Just like she did for me.

Veronica Farmer Healer

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