My Ode to the Tourism Industry

written by Sarah Colgate

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March 31, 2024

If we could harness what the tourism industry holds closest we would have a world where service to others reigns supreme. We would be fueled with love, kindness and a desire to make every day memorable for everyone around us

Why am I writing a love letter to the tourism industry? 

The answer is simple. This industry has supported me for my entire life. 

From my first full time job as a receptionist at The Travel Corporation’s Creative Holidays in Bondi Junction to owning multiple tourism businesses, I have lived my life in the tourism industry. 

Over my time, I have made several attempts to leave, run away, be a corporate professional and live within the real and serious world of business however each time I have been drawn back to the world of tourism.  

After most of my recent attempts to escape and try something outside the industry, I finally realised why I keep coming back. The tourism industry is an environment, a universal ecosystem where whatever you contribute to it, comes back to you multiplied, over and over again. 

Over the last 25 years I have experienced friendship, support, connection, advice, community, engagement and most importantly love.  My multitude of tourism roles have taken me to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Cairns and Tasmania and no matter where I go or who I meet I have made connections with real people that are of real value. People that are passionate about what they do within the tourism industry. They are passionate about providing exceptional experiences, showcasing their homes and telling the world their stories.

I feel that tourism is where the beautiful people reside, they are people whose hearts are open. Who wants to make your holiday special, your honeymoon memorable and we want to help you create lifelong memories that bind your family together forever.  

In the tourism industry each day we have the opportunity to show the world the beauty of our homeland, stories of the past and our passion for our patch of the world. We do it so others can create memories, reconnect with each other, be inspired and feel great, so the curious can explore and the light of every traveller shines brighter across the world. 

We have more than money, we have more than recognition, we have your heart’s desire to connect with the world and its people. We are a community of tour guides, experience creators, tour inspirers, organisers, communicators and lovers of adventure. 

We didn’t all set out for careers in tourism, however we ended up here because we love it.  We love the adventure it provides, we love the connections we make and the endless opportunities to create joy and happiness in other people’s lives. 

I am not saying everyone in the tourism industry is pure of heart, that is certainly not the case. There are loads of people that come and go trying to exploit the industry, its culture and its people to make a quick buck. We have all experienced that but they are the minority and are not usually here for too long. 

The majority of us are passionate people who know that the most special part of this industry are those that choose it everyday. The people. That is what we all love about being in the tourism industry. No matter how much you have paid or where you have travelled from, the tourism industry greets you with a smile, takes you on tours of amazing sites, tells you wonderous stories of time gone by and provides you with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. That’s us, that’s our passion and our purpose. 

Travel is often an escape from reality.  Those that design, create and develop the experiences for you to enjoy, do it with love, the love of showcasing their home to the world, the love of the looks on your faces as you take it all in and love that they know they have changed your life just a little bit for the better. 

To the tourism industry and everyone I have met along the way, thank you for providing me with a lifetime of memories and friendships in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania, Darwin, Cairns and the Gold Coast. They will be cherished forever, keep telling your stories, sharing your passion and changing lives.

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