Quotes & Affirmations

I find quotes and affirmations help keep me on track and keep the positive reinforcement going. I say some form of affirmation everyday to help stop my negative self talk and hopefully turn it into positive self talk. Positive self talk along with gratitude are the keys to good mental health.

It’s essential to fill your mind, your heart and your soul with positivity on a daily basis. Positivity will help not only keep your mind healthy, it will help when things get you down and it will give you the foundation to get yourself back up and out into the world.

I have a display folder by my bed and I say as many as I can before I go to sleep and I have some on my mirror so I can say them as I get ready in the morning.   My children have affirmations printed out and put on their wardrobe doors to say regularly.

Here is a mix of A4 sheets I have printed in a folder next to my bed and quotes from famous, successful or inspirational people to help you.

A4 Affirmation sheets to download & print out to say as often as you possibly can.

Letter to myself  – here is a blank one for you

Quotes are designed to inspire you. Here are some of my favourites from the woman I find inspirational.
Click on each one and it will open up so you can print or save it.

Quotes_anita rodd
Quotes_anita rodd
Quotes_jessica Watson
Quotes_Amna Al haddad
Quotes_Live your hearts desire
Quotes_success liking
Quotes_when they go low
Quotes_let us smile
Quotes_estee lauder
Quotes_Dolly Parton (1)
quotes_jane goodall
Quotes_brene brown

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