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I am passionate about helping business owners achieve their financial goals. Often when business owners bring me into a business I can see a range of opportunities to maxmise profit and improve owner satisfaction.

Some of the services I have available for business owners are listed below.
Business Planning and Strategy

Business Planning and Strategy

  • Develop and implement a business growth strategy.
  • Identifying financial and profit centred improvements within the business.
  • Create resource management structures to allow owners more work life balance.
  • Implementation of change management structures.
  • Identifying new marketing or product extension opportunities.

Business Sales and Purchases

  • Working with owners who are selling their businesses.
  • Assisting owners to prepare their businesses for sale.
  • Pulling together the sales pitch and potential growth strategy for buyers. 
  • Assisting potential buyers of businesses to minimise risk and follow a purchase strategy that ensures all information is obtained. 
  • Due diligence, business planning and reporting for new business purchases or startups.
Business Sales and Purchases
Product Management

Product Management

Getting your business’ products and services right goes along way to ensureing your business will achieve  sustainable success. Having an external professional pull your products apart and analyse them will help ensure they have a solid foundation and are saleable going forward. 

I am happy to assist you with;

  • Product design and development.
  • Product and pricing strategies to increase profitability.
  • Product delivery and management of the Customer Experience.
  • Product and service extensions


  • Audit and review current communication internally and externally. 
  • Identify and improve internal communication structures and channels.
  • Define and execute more effective customer communication.
  • Train staff on how to use more effective communication within the business as well as with customers.
Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies

Working with you to define the best pricing strategies for your business based on your goals and strategies. As well as identifying any leakage in revenue.

    • Cost plus pricing.
    • Competitive Pricing.
    • Discounts and Value adds.
    • Value based pricing.


  • Management & Executive Team Training: Time management and prioritisation, Strategic Thinking,  Identifying sales and marketing opportunities, Creating Cost Efficiencies, Developing staff, creating a team culture, building a communications plan.
  • Middle Management Development: Identifying strengths and weaknesses, designing development plans, providing management educations and mentoring.  
  • Sales Executive, Manager and director training to bring in more business and create long term customer relationships. 
  • Front Line team training in experience or customer service delivery.
Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

  • Customised Marketing Strategy. 
  • Brand and Identity Development. 
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Management.  
  • Offline Marketing Management.

Tourism Solutions

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing.
  • Pricing, Rates and Campaigns. 
  • Experience Development and Product Management.
Tourism Solutions

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