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Want to grow your business and don’t have time, money or resources to achieve more sales?

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Marketing is fundamental to financial success in business. Maketing exists to build and drive demand for your products and services. The result is sales. 

With all my years of experience I understand how business works and often how hard it is to even get time to think about marketing and growing your business let alone having the skills to execute marketing campaigns and manage a digital marketing presence. The day to day running of the business takes over. Then you are working in the business and not on it.

So growth slows or stops and your business is just ticking over instead of thriving.

My passion is to see your business thrive. I will get more of the right customers to you through targeted marketing, promotion and sales activity online and offline. I am a certified Digital Marketing Professional and a member of the Australian Marketing Institute.  

With all my years of experience, I understand how challenging it can be to find time for marketing and growth in the midst of daily operations. That’s why I also specialise in crafting effective small business marketing strategies.

Outlined below are some of the services my team and I provide to drive sales. Start with a plan and then I can provide guidance based on what your business needs and who your ideal customer is. 

Not all marketing activities are suited to all businesses.

Customised Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a marketing strategy that outlines how you promote your products/services to your target market. 

When I develop a marketing strategy specifically for your business, I build consumer profiles for your target market / ideal customer. I determine what strategies are needed to market your products /services to your ideal customer. Then I work through what marketing messages are needed to ensure you are communicating the unique selling proposition and your value to your target market. Aligning those marketing messages with your brand is essential, especially in a digital environment. 

Your strategy will include;

  • An outline of your brand identity and personality.
  • Developed consumer personas of your target markets / ideal customers.
  • Creation of your Unique Selling Proposition and Key Marketing Messages that aligns with your brand.
  • Product and pricing strategies to maximise profit.
  • An outline all marketing activities; online and offline that are required to reach the target market and convert them to customers.

This is the best place to start. I am happy to write your strategy for you and you implement it or I can implement it for you. 

Small Buisness Marketing Strategy -Customised Marketing Strategy
Small Buisness Marketing Strategy -Brand and Identity Development

Brand Identity and Personality Development

In a digital world, business needs a strong brand to deliver to it’s customers. A brand that shows value, has a personality and can easily be remembered and identified.

A brand is the foundation from which everything else evolves, it’s your guiding light. I will create a definitive brand for your business that portrays your values, unique selling proposition and why customers need you.

  • The visual brand – Logo, look, feel, colours and fonts.
  • Brand Attributes – Your values, your why.
  • The personality of your brand – Your what and the message you want to tell people about your business.
  • Develop Your Story – People buy from people. I tell your story, the story of your business and why you are in business. What you’re passionate about, what you are great at and develop a story for your customers and target markets.

Social Media Marketing Management

Spend more time on your business and less time working on social media. Let me manage your social media so it reaches the right people, builds your brand and creates engagement with customers.

  • Creation of a social media strategy specific for your business.
  • The management of your social media platforms with the aim of increasing your brand awareness. (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, etc )
  • Design and creation of dedicated, relevant content.
  • Social listening to your target market including the identification of trends and threats.  
  • Management of social media campaigns to outcomes such as build awareness, drive sales, retarget customers and re-engage past customers. 
  • Instagram & Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns to increase awareness, consideration and conversion. 
Small Buisness Marketing Strategy -Digital and Social Media Marketing Management
Small Buisness Marketing Strategy -Offline Marketing Management

Offline Marketing Management

Offline and online marketing needs to work together to increase sales.  Therefore, i work with clients to ensure what they are saying on line they are actually delivering offline.  

  • Connect online and offline marketing campaigns to attract customers to your business.
  • Define and improve the customer journey of buying from your business.
  • Identify opportunities to increase sales by improving communication with your customers.
  • Brochure, poster, point of sale collateral design.
  • Building networks and the profile of you and your business.

Why Offline Marketing is Far More Powerful Than Most People Realize


Digital & Content Marketing Management

Digital and content marketing are different from Social Media marketing however they do tie in together as does offline marketing.  The purpose of digital and content marketing is to drive business to your website. To encourage people to buy from you. 

Digital and content marketing services I provide are;  

  • Developing an organic SEO and content strategy for your website.
  • Keyword management.
  • Creation of keyword content including blogs.
  • Promotion of your business website on third party sites.


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Small Buisness Marketing Strategy - Digital and Social Media Marketing Management

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