Sarah could form her own Women in Tourism organisation with the number of connections she has. Always willing to collaborate and offer advice to fellow business women or just socialise and support when needed.

Sarah is extremely focussed, motivated and organised but can also be the life of the party. She is often the glue that brings our little cohort of businesses together to get things done.

I have known Sarah for over 10 years. Firstly as a client but I now consider her one of my closest business colleagues and best friends. She is an amazing mum and business owner.

Stephanie Wallace
Southern Cross Day Tours, Brisbane Day Tours and Southern Cross 4WD.

Stephanie Wallace

My dealings with Sarah Colgate have been both on a business level and a personal level and in the past 5 years that I have known Sarah she has become one of my most respected mentors, a dear friend and colleague.

Her brilliant business mind is forever churning out ideas for other tourism operators and she so readily shares insights and helpful tips. I know Sarah is super passionate about tourism and business and is a true advocate to women in business no matter what the industry. Sarah seems to get gratification in helping others and sharing her knowledge so easily. In Tourism Sarah is greatly respected by all her colleagues and it’s often said from her staff that they “love working for her”.

Recently, I requested Sarah to review my business setup, looking at new opportunities and activities and through that I have gained such valuable insights that I would not have been aware of without her help. Luckily for me, Sarah is always offering help on business issues whilst maintaining layman’s terms in order for me to understand. Her integrity is profound and I know her to be reliable in looking at my business problems with a deepened understanding of what works and what could be implemented. She is a true advocate to my business, always lending a hand on creating solutions and providing support with no expectations.

Sarah is a fabulous speaker and motivator, so willing to share with others and possesses a sense of humbleness that enables everyone to feel comfortable around her, she is a true breath of fresh air. On a personal level Sarah is kind, compassionate, funny, friendly but most of all trustworthy, these attributes I find very important in holding strong relationships together. She is a great friend.

I’m truly grateful to have Sarah in my life and look forward to many more years of business dealings, friendship, fun, laughter and networking with her.

Linda Spiteri
Owner -Go Vertical SUP
Surfers Paradise, Qld

Linda Spiteri

It is with pleasure that I offer this testimonial for Sarah Colgate.

Sarah is nothing less than an inspiration and an incredible role model for women within the tourism industry.

I first met Sarah through a business contact and was immediately impressed by her openness and warmth along with her drive, capabilities and passion for the tourism industry. You can almost see the cogs moving in Sarah’s mind as she absorbs details of conversations about business plans, issues and strategies, dissects them and offers solutions and suggestions based on her business skills and knowledge.

Sarah has a very strong desire to help others achieve their goals and is very skilled at connecting people she knows have the ability to work together and help each other, in particular women.

The thing that most impresses me about Sarah is that with all of her knowledge and strength she still has a vulnerable side and is not afraid to show it, this in itself is inspiring to other women as it shows that women in business are allowed to have a soft side, be caring and empathetic.

Kerri Jekyll
Get Wet Surf School
Gold Coast

Kerri Jekyll

I have known Sarah Colgate for the last 15 years in a number of capacities, and have always found her to be true in her dealings, professional and trustworthy with a great sense for business.

Sarah is an exceptional marketer and leader who has a passion for helping business owners and the tourism industry as a whole.

I hold no hesitations to support and continue to work with Sarah in any capacity, whilst happy to be a personal reference as well.

Greg Daven
Regional Manager
Hot Air Ballooning Cairns and the Gold Coast

Greg Daven

Sarah and I met in 2010 when she was managing a business we acquired, iVenture Card Australia.

Immediately I was impressed by her energy and intelligence and it wasn’t very long at all before I added integrity to those qualities.

Over the years Sarah has proven to be, not just of exceptional character, but a highly skilled communicator being very comfortable dealing with all walks of life.

Her commercial judgment is also highly developed. Such that when an opportunity came around to partner with Sarah on a business venture, I jumped at the chance.

She has taken on the role of Managing Director like a duck to water!

Covid has tested us all, but even during this crisis, Sarah has shown exceptional leadership ensuring every detail has been thoroughly thought through to ensure the immediate survival of our businesses. More importantly, she will secure the road ahead and this business will thrive as a result.

I’ve every respect for Sarah and her abilities, and consider myself very luckily to be partnered with her in business.

Chris Weide
iVenture Card Australia, iToursntix, The Informed Tourist
Co-Owner in Aquaduck Gold Coast, Aquaduck Sunshine Coast and Southern Cross Tours.

Chris Weide

Sarah Colgate is an exceptional business leader and mentor. Sarah has a wealth of business knowledge, practical experience and excellent marketing skills.

Working with Sarah is easy and enjoyable as she is professional, efficient and two steps ahead of everyone and everything.

Sarah has a great network of contacts across the business community and is always willing to volunteer her time and skills to help businesses.

I recommend Sarah to any business owner wanting to grow and market their business.

Sonya Mroz
Aspect Tourism

Sonya Mroz

Sarah is one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals in the tourism industry.
Having known and worked with her for over 12 years, she has an amazing work ethic, is extremely collaborative and very well respected in the tourism industry.

Sarah has a can-do attitude and she would go the extra mile for any business she is working with. We have worked together across various products and experiences, and her enthusiasm and drive to deliver results has never wavered. She is a true professional with a warm personality and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is seeking marketing and sales support.

Emily Zinowki
Trade Manager
Visit Sunshine Coast

Emily Zinowki

Sarah Colgate is an inspirational leader, mentor and asset to the industry, and has a wealth of experience across all aspects of sales and marketing across many industries including the travel and tourism sector. In my role at Tours and Attractions Group, Sarah showed true professionalism, by leading and developing a great team, and continually inspired the people around her to not only meet their goals but to exceed them.

Sarah’s expertise is second to none, and has the ability to create new initiatives within the sales and marketing fields, providing detailed analysis and reporting, planning of campaigns across all platforms and is someone who thrives on challenges. Sarah will always strive for excellence and push herself to continue to provide outstanding efforts for her clients and colleagues. Through her knowledge and ideas, Sarah has gained enormous respect throughout the industry, by leading companies to new levels of success, even through the toughest of times during covid. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and has shown great skill with influencing growth of her clients businesses through effective and efficient marketing initiatives. Always putting the team and her clients first, creates a warm and special relationship that I have not experienced before in this industry.

Working with Sarah has been a privilege and would welcome the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Shirley Dodt
Former Director of Sales
Tours & Attractions Group – Aquaduck & Southern Cross Tours

Shirley Dodt

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